Help is available. Successful participation in the Mental Health Court program can help you become a fully participating member of the community.

We Are Here To Help​

Everyone on the Davidson County Mental Health Court Treatment team wants you to succeed. If you take advantage of the assistance offered by the treatment team, you will discover many new ways to make a better life for yourself.

Know the Rules

When you agree to join the Mental Health Treatment Court, you are expected to meet your responsibilities to follow through with treatment, perform your volunteer service and follow all instructions of the Judge.


We hold you accountable but don’t expect you to do it alone. The MHC team and staff are here to serve you. Remember, the program will work if you stick with it; stay engaged and ask questions. If you are not sure or don’t know…ASK!


To remain in the MHC program, you must follow the rules of the court.

Remember, the court staff is here for you and committed to your success!

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The Davidson County Mental Health Court is committed to assisting clients in reasserting control of their lives and managing their mental health. Contact us today to see how we can help you or someone you know.